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Your tires are where your car meets the road. Unfortunately, tires do not last forever and do need to be replaced periodically. Tire age, heat exposure and tread wear are all factors to consider when evaluating whether or not you need new tires.

The age of your tires can severely impact your safety. Aging can break down the components within your tires, making them unsafe and susceptible to deflation. You should replace your tires after six to ten years regardless of tread wear.

Additionally, exposure to extreme weather such as ice and heat can wear down your tires. Specifically, the sun’s ultraviolet rays can cause structural damage. The team at Lawrenceville Auto Center can evaluate your tires to see if they have sustained more heat and cold exposure than they can handle.

Tread wear is the final factor to consider when trying to figure out if you need new tires. The easiest way to check your tread is to perform the penny test. With the penny’s head pointed down, insert it into the grooves of your tire tread. If any part of Lincoln’s head is hidden by the tread, it is okay; if his head is completely visible, it is definitely time for new tires.

Once you have decided it’s time for new tires, you can count on Lawrenceville Auto Center to provide the best service and selection in Lawrenceville, GA. Lawrenceville Auto Center carries top-quality tires in all sizes and brands, and our expert team can help you figure out which tires are best for you. We will evaluate where and how you drive, your budget and any other factors that could impact which tires you need. Our team strives to make your experience easy and enjoyable so you can get back on the road quickly. If you need new tires, give us a call today so we can set aside the perfect ones for you!

We also carry various tire brands. Here are some of the tire brands that we carry:

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