Use Your Nose to Find Your Car Problem

A small symptom like the smell of burning rubber or sweet syrup can be very telling about your vehicle's condition. As a matter of fact, cars contain various fluids that have specific smells themselves. If you catch an unusual scent in your automobile, you should never dismiss it. Read on to learn more about what certain odors mean for your car. 

  • Maple Syrup - Coolant fluid often has a sweet smell, so if you catch a syrupy scent in or around your car, it may indicate a coolant leak. Leaks can occur in the radiator, cylinder head, manifold, and more, so it may be difficult to locate. If you notice this scent, please bring your car to our auto repair shop for proper diagnosis.
  • Burning Oil - A burnt motor oil smell does not sound good. It can happen when your engine overheats or leaks onto the exhaust manifold. You should check your oil levels, and proceed to have your car inspected.
  • Rotten Egg - This smell is the most unpleasant smell your car can give off, and it is very serious. The rotten egg smell can come about when your catalytic converter malfunctions or is clogged. It means that your car won't be able to process and transform engine fumes.
  • Burning Paper -  The smell or burning paper is often described when someone experiences a slipping clutch. When you ride a gear, this can happen as a result of excess heat. In severe cases, you may need a new replacement.
  • Smelly Basement - If your car smells like this, it is probably due to a build-up of moisture in your HVAC system. When there's a buildup of mold and mildew, it can emit an unpleasant smell. In some instances, you can fix the issue by airing out your window and replacing your air filter.


Ignoring these problems can worsen the damage that has already been done, so please do not wait. We welcome you to Lawrenceville Auto Center for any of the problems mentioned above. If you're looking for accurate and reliable auto service and repairs, please give us a call or visit today.