How Often Your Radiator Needs to be Flushed

Radiator flush might sound like a punch line but for cars it is a tune-up fundamental.

Radiator fluid, also called antifreeze or coolant, keeps your car's radiator cool, especially during warm weather. This prevents the engine from overheating which will literally stall your plans.

Because coolant is a fluid that runs constantly through the engine system it will collect debris and contaminants over time which can generate corrosion, causing rust, scaling and other types of debris that you don't want in your engine's radiator.

A radiator flush acts almost like a blood transfusion, but designed for the cooling system. By blasting gallons of water, cleaner and fresh antifreeze during the flush, all of the contaminants and old fluids are cleared out.

Another benefit to a radiator flush is the removal of rust and scaling that has built up on the radiator from debris and old fluids. A flush will also help to lubricate your water pump which will make it last longer. It will also extend the overall life of your car preventing strain on other parts of your engine.

Using additives during a coolant flush can help prevent future leaks, corrosion, foaming and debris build-up.

Make sure to ask for a full cooling system inspection to check for any leaks. A flush with a leak will likely overheat.

If your car is overheating or leaking coolant you might need a flush. If you hear knocking or grinding noises from your engine, you might need a flush. If you see debris in your coolant, you might need a flush. If your coolant level looks full but you still overheat, you might need a flush. If you see steam or funny smells rising from your hood, you might need a flush.

Experts say it is good to flush every 30,000 miles or whatever your owner's manual recommends.

Not flushing is always bad news, but for your car it can mean poor performance, driving hassles and more expensive repairs down the road.

If you need a radiator flush, we invite you to bring your vehicle into our auto repair shop today!